Active Media

Media Services

We are the marketers for some of the biggest brands in the country in outdoor, airport, radio, print, and digital.


Advertise on 360 Degree Screen at Ahmedabad Airport.

Active Media is the creator of the IRIS 360 screen located in the lounge area of the Delhi International Airport. We are the owners and sole advertisers for this visual attraction at the busiest Airport in India and 12th busiest airport in the world. The visibility and brand value is unfathomable.



Advertise in infotainment LED screens in Indian Trains.

Active Media is the sole owner and advertiser for the LED infotainment screens in the Kalka-Delhi Shatabdi Express. The train holds incredible inbound and outbound traffic from the National Capital of India. The infotainment screens in the executive coaches hold undivided attention of passengers throughout their journey.



Advertise Big and Broad on Big Broad Boards.

Billboards and Hoardings make brands look big, literally. The visual is inescapable. Active Media has helped brands hold attention of countless commuters across roads, highways, and intersections in India and internationally.


Airports Branding

Advertise at the Airports,Airplanes and more.

Airports are the buzzing ground for brand visibility and engagement. The amount of time spent on an airport by an average traveler is longer than at any other travelling medium. From the entrance of an airport all the way to their seat in the flight, the possibilities are limitless. Advertising on an airport ranges from airport LED boards, billboards, and TV screen advertising. Moving to the passenger’s journey to the flight opens yet another branding possibility. We have branded entire busses that take a passenger to their respective flight. Furthermore, an entire airplane can be branded to project the grand, larger than life nature of the brand. Once in the flight there are branding options on items that have personal interaction with the passenger. These include: In-flight Magazine, Cabin Bulkheads, In-Flight entertainment screens, boarding passes, baggage tags, and more. Even going further, brochure distribution and product sampling can also be done in-flight. Active Media has helped brands claim grounds and skies in terms of airport branding and advertising, internationally.

Print Ads

Newspaper & Magazine Advertisements Worldwide.

Newspaper is a medium for large scale advertising with almost immediate results at times. Newspapers and Magazines hold an irreplaceable spot in people’s day-to-day lives. These reserved spots are where brands want to be to grab attention. Active Media deals in identifying print publications with most suitable audience and strategizing releases to gain maximum response from a brand’s print advertisements. Yet another medium we work with on an international scale.


Radio Ads

Advertise with engaging sounds on any Radio across the world.

Radio has been identified as the seconds least escapable medium of advertisement. Active Media has integrated plethora of regional, national, and international radio stations across several countries to help clients broadcast their brands on air. We create targeted strategies and advertisements for broadcasting on radio to get audience to engage with the brand through advertisements, entertainment segments, and radio contests. This done on an international scale as well.


Digital Marketing

Dominate the Digital Front like Never Before.

Active Media takes on the digital space to broadcast brands to generate visibility, engagements, and conversions. Apart from the usual social media marketing, Active Media cuts through the noise on digital platforms with new and exciting digital marketing technologies and strategies which are exclusive and limited to only a few early adopters like ourselves. Everyone is marketing on social media and on websites, we catch the audience where your competitors haven’t even reached yet.


Ahmedabad Food Fest

Gujarat’s Biggest Food Festival That happens every year.

It’s the food festival – dedicated to our foodies! Come join us for some ‘delightful & exciting’ cuisines. Hosted by food enthusiasts for the food enthusiasts, food will rule the event. These kitchen stories are fast heating up for all to bask in. This whole new trend of relishing new & authentic cuisines from the world over is rapidly gaining popularity - gourmet dishes, exotic cuisines, festival recipes, international kitchens all coming together for some fun filled food fusion. Satisfy your sugar rush, enjoy a crispy savory or just try it all at our food bank!

We are the creators of the Ahmedabad Food Fest & Surat Food Fest with more cities soon to be associated with the Active Media created Food Fest suffix.